10 Best Fishing Spots in Western Australia

Whether you’re into offshore, onshore, spearfishing, or freshwater fishing, there’s something for everyone in Western Australia. The Western’s unspoilt waterways are a fisherman’s paradise, filled with fish that have never seen a lure or a hook. Western Australia’s 20,000-kilometer coastline makes it fishing heaven for anglers.

There are plenty of more options to select from than ever before to capture a legal fish. Although artificial reefs are developing off Perth’s northern suburbs coast, beach fishing remains a popular pastime for locals and visitors alike. In early 2019, the Western Australian government anticipated that around 750,000 people would go fishing in the state.

Are you looking for the ten best fishing spots in Western Australia? Keep your toes in the sand and go to the beach for a day’s catch.

1.     Kimberley region

The Kimberley region is easily one of the largest fishing regions with such a diverse range of species available, including the infamous Barramundi that everyone wants to catch a 1M+ which is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but that is not the only fish species to target. Other fish will include Thread-fin Salmon, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Queen Fish whilst fishing creek systems. If you are geared for it you could include mud crabs on the menu. If you decide to go further offshore you will be able to catch Red Emperor, Golden Snapper, Jewfish and many more. If you’re fishing with lures you can expect Mackrell, tuna and bill fish.

The 424,517 Square KM Kimberley region is identified fto be north of the pilbara region and west of Northern territory. This region has fewer people per sq M than almost any other place on earth.

2.     Exmouth

Step off the beach at Exmouth, swim a few metres through the purest blue water on the planet. You’ll find yourself drifting over the world’s most extensive fringing reef, the Ningaloo Reef, which is protected as a World Heritage Site. This underwater sanctuary attracts a wide range of visitors, including dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and humpback whales, as well as the ocean’s biggest fish, the gentle whale shark.

Exmouth is a two-day drive or a one-hour and 45-minute flight from Perth, where you can join eco safari expeditions and game fishing charters or explore at your speed on a self-drive vacation.

What is the best filleting knife?

There are many ways to process and cook your catch however filleting is the most popular method of preparing your meal. When filleting there are 2 things you must have, 1 being a sharp knife and the 2nd being the correct filleting knife, if these 2 steps are followed you will make processing your catch a breeze.

The most common style of filleting knife is a 20cm knife like the image below, the width of the blade allows you to have degree of flex from your knife and the length of your knife gives deeper penetration through your fish when filleting, this allows you to knock the fillet from your fish with ease.

When it comes to skinning your fillet there are many different knifes that are used, we believe the most practical is the 30cm slicing knife with a round nose like the image below, the length of the blade means you can use the same knife from a small fillet to a larger Dhufish fillet.

When it comes to practicality there are varios versions of fishing knife packages stored in a canvas Australian Made wrap that make it very easy to store and protect your blades.

3.     Shark Bay

In 1991, Shark Bay got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding natural beauty, biological variety, exciting ecology, and unique insights into Earth’s history. Meet the Monkey Mia dolphins, the world’s most significant population of dugongs, stroll amid the world’s largest and oldest living fossils. Shark bay as some call it, the home of Pink Snapper and an abundance of palagic fishing available at your finger tips.

From Perth, it’s an eight-hour drive or a two-hour flight to Shark Bay, where you can join the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive, which takes in all of the essential sights. There are many lengthy trips from Perth and day and half-day adventures from Denham if you don’t have wheels.

4.     Kalbarri

Kalbarri is the perfect ocean-side adventure playground, with its old rough outback meeting white sand beaches. Over 183000 hectares of the national park area right on the doorstep, inviting you to discover breathtaking 400 million-year-old river gorges, dramatic coastline rock formations, and a rainbow of wildflowers.

Kalbarri is a favourite vacation destination for Western Australians, young and old, since it is warm and bright for most of the year and is just a six and a half-hour drive north of Perth or a short one and a half-hour charter flight. There are equal amounts of serenity and adrenaline.

5.     Fitzroy River

Fitzroy River is 150 kilometres east of Broome and 80 kilometres south of Derby. The massive King Sound feeds the Fitzroy River. The Telegraph Pool offers free camping along the Fitzroy River. There’s also a temporary boat dock here, providing fisherman access to the Fitzroy River’s large, shallow waters.

The Fitzroy River get mainly fished by boat. However, throwing out live mullets along the river is a popular technique to catch barramundi. The waters from Willare Pool and upwards are seldom affected by the tides. The water is fresh, and the barramundi in the river’s freshwater tend to be tiny. Buyer beware you will be sharing these water ways with one of the most dangerous Reptiles in the world, the Salt Water Crocodile!

Sharp Hooks Catch Fish.

When you fishing from your boat or land, one thing stays the same, you need sharp hooks to catch fish! Believe it or not your fishing hooks can go blunt quite easily over time, especially if there is any rust. there are a couple of quick simple solutions that don’t take up much room in your pocket or your tackle box,

There are many styles of sharpeners but one of the best value for money fishing hook sharpeners is a relatively cheap pen style compact diamond sharpener with a hook groove to easily sharpen all sides of your hooks, this folds up into the shape of a pen to take up less storage and has a clip to secure to the inside of your pocket.

The other main style of hook shaprner being a diamond plate with a hook groove, this is more heavy duty and generally will last longer, this is also compact and comes with a leather sleeve for storage.

6.     Montebello Island

The Montebello island archipelago is made up of 174 small islands, in 1952 and 1956 Trimouille and Alpha Islands were part of their Atomic bomb testing.

Take a journey to Montebello Island and live onboard while fishing on this beautiful island. From crayfish to marlin, this location has everything, including red emperor, coral trout, Rankin cod, spangled emperor, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, and sailfish, to name a few.

7.     Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, Perth’s lovely island playground, is just a short boat ride from the mainland, yet it seems a world apart from the rush of city life. This car-free and freewheeling Class A reserve pack a lot of fun into a day for such a little island.

With plenty of fishing available around the island ranging from Crayfish, dhufish and a lot of palagic action and for those hardcore fisherman there is a trench out wider that you could try your luck with some dolphin fish, marlin or even a swordfish!

It’s easy to get to “Rotto,” as the locals lovingly refer to it. Ferries run routinely from Fremantle, Perth’s Barrack Street Jetty, and Hillarys Marina, only 19 kilometres off the coast. You may arrive in elegance by helicopter or air taxi, or you can even take your boat over. In addition to fishing, you can enjoy some of Australia’s best swimming and see whales and seals.

8.     Busselton Jetty

Three hours south of Perth, you may see the world’s second-longest jetty. This location has a diverse range of fish, including crabs, squid, and Mulloway. Samson fish may get caught all year, while salmon are only caught seasonally. Along with them, a wide range of different fish may get discovered to add to your fishing pleasure.

9.     Blackwood River

The main river in the southwest runs through Wagin, a wheat belt town with several walking routes and beautiful splendour. Giant herring, large blue spot flathead, milkfish, and yellowfin whiting may all get caught closer to the mouth of the Blackwood River. More upstream you will be targeting Bream or Trout, You may combine fishing with birding, kayaking, or canoeing for a unique experience.

10.  Kalgan River, Albany

Fishing enthusiasts may catch black bream, skippy, herring, and whiting in the Kalgan River, known for its fishing. Kalgan is also known for boat tours and birding, in addition to fishing. You may combine fishing with popular water sports like water skiing and canoeing. To get to your location, drive four and a half hours south from Perth.

The Bottom Line

Western Australia is an ideal destination for all anglers with its vast coastline, lakes, and rivers. It is home to an extensive array of aquatic life, the primary draw for all anglers. Above was the list of must-visit fishing places in Western Australia. So grab your fishing gear and get ready to catch some fish!

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