All orders are generally dispatched within the same business day after receipt of payment and are shipped via AirRoad Road Express and Australia Post throughout Australia.


How long will it take for delivery?

Most deliveries of AOS Swags will be completed by 7 days following payment.

The table below provides an example broken down by region:

  • Perth: 2 Business Days
  • WA Regional: 4
  • Darwin: 4 Business Days
  • NT Regional: 6 Business Days
  • Adelaide: 4 Business Days
  • SA Regional: 5 Business Days
  • Melbourne: 4 Business Days
  • VIC Regional: 5 Business Days
  • Tasmania: 7 Business Days
  • Sydney: 5 Business Days
  • NSW Regional: 6 Business Days
  • Brisbane: 6 Business Days
  • Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast: 6 Business Days
  • QLD Regional: 7 Business Days

All AOS Swags will be dispatched using our patented Vacuum Compressed Bag System.This packaging system has many advantages over traditional options.Firstly, the product is totally protected whilst shipping to avoid transit damage.Once the Swag has been received, it can be easily removed from the packaging without the need for cutting plastic bags or boxes.

Unlike conventional Boxed Swags that crush the product down, this system uses suction to reduce volume. The result allows the Swag to return to its original size quickly without damage to the Mattress Foam.