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KA-BAR / KA BAR / KABAR The KA-BAR Becker Bk18BK Harpoon is a solid fixed knife, designed for survival and bushcraft purposes. Designer Ethan Becker designed the Bk18BK as a good-looking tool. The harpoon tip with swedge on the back looks really cool. Its sand-brown colour accentuates this even more.

The blade is made from tough 1095CroVan carbon steel. Easy to sharpen in the field, and it can handle its own. The only disadvantage is that 1095CroVan isn’t completely stainless. That is why KA-BAR enhanced the blade with a coating. The handle is made from zytel: a strong plastic that can withstand the elements.

The KA-BAR Bk18BK comes with a Celcon sheath. This is an extremely strong type of plastic. Because of the clever construction of the belt loop you can carry comfortably carry it on the left or right side of your belt.

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