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AOS Spare Wheel Bin Bag has been designed for functional use being the main objective. First of all we use high quality materials like seat belt webbing and materials that are UV stabilised so they are not going to perish the first time they hit the harsh Australian sun light. It also has a webbing anchor point that secures to the stub axle behind your tyre or through the rim with 2 other straps that are secured around the tyre to minimise movement.

The spare wheel bag features a bottom panel with an eyelet to drain out any liquids, and a double zip to break away the bottom panel to remove your bin bag in a hurry. 3 pockets around the bag but most importantly you are able to lock our double key loock zips for your main compartment (top and bottom zip sections) with a weather flap to keep any water from entering the bag.

This Product is Designed & Manufactured in Perth Western Australia!

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