$15.00 inc GST

Magnetic Product Description:

The black tool and knife holders are designed to hold knives and tools out of the way in a safe manner. The strong magnet recessed into the black surface is strong enough to hold knives, tools and other ferrous metallic objects safely and without the risk of them dropping. They have a length of 200mm, a width of 48mm and a height of 11mm.

Uses for our Tool and Knife Holders:

The strength of the magnet recessed into this black magnetic knife and tool holder ensures the secure hold of knives, cutlery and tools when they are fixed to its surface. The four corners of the knife holder are inverted, giving it a unique design that incorporates seamlessly into a kitchen or warehouse setting. Keep your surfaces clear, and find your knives and tools easily with this convenient and safe storage option!

Our black tool and knife holders are easily mounted with the fixing screws provided.