About us

Aussie Outback Supplies is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of products for the Australian Outdoor, Mining and Industrial markets. Founded in 1991, the then fledgling company developed and manufactured the first Western Australian-made AOS swag for the serious outdoorsman and camper.

Since then, the company has expanded both its operations and range so that it is now in a position of being one of the main manufacturers in Australia of textile products specifically designed for use outdoors, in a variety of pursuits.

This has been achieved through close interaction with consumers and industry, enabling us to develop products that people like to use, whilst maintaining the highest possible quality standards.

Over the last 10 years, Aussie Outback Supplies has also developed into representing some of the largest Outdoor and Cutlery manufacturers in the world. This range now encompasses over 1000 products with solid foundations in various product categories.

Aussie Outback Supplies distributes its range of manufactured and imported products Australia-wide. It now employs key people involved in the merchandising of its products, together with a team focused on the development of future plans and products within its scope of operation.

The company is also heavily involved in working with trade partners, corporate bodies and government departments to provide a specialized range of front line product solutions for trade only purposes.

These successful partnerships extend into Security, Police Services, Fire/Rescue Services and Mining Resource sectors, and shows the breadth of range the company has achieved with its product base.